We are available for hourly garden training sessions or full day individual or group sessions.

With many years experience in education, you may also like to take advantage of our training service so you too can become an expert gardener to guarantee your garden will always look amazing!

For example, one of the main problems we come across is poor pruning, where trees and shrubs have become irreversibly damaged. If you have any fruit trees or specimen trees or shrubs in your garden; why not take advantage of this service to make sure these prized plants are well looked after.

The list below gives some idea of the types of skills we can develop with you:

  • Specialist Pruning (Seasonal)
  • Pruning Fruit Trees (Seasonal)
  • Growing Edibles
  • Garden Design
  • Companion Planting
  • Forest Gardens and Edible Landscaping
  • Growing with Children
  • Growing with Wildlife in Mind
  • Composting